Key Dates for the Current Season


Click on this link for all key dates (including the January start date for making reservations and the date the staff reports to the Club) and other latest information.


How to make a regular season reservation – Easy as 1-2-3

1.     Determine when you’d like to stay at the Club (first choice and alternate date(s)), the makeup of your party (member, spouse, guests, children by age group), cabin preference(s), and estimated arrival and departure times.

Notes: Use the Reservation Request Form to insure accuracy and speed processing

                Only January reservation requests must include an alternate date.

2.     Submit your reservation request – contact the Club Steward, Jerry Perfetto, either –

a.  By e-mail at This is the preferred method or –

b.  By telephone at 315-376-3435 at any time of the year (this is the phone number at the Club and the call will transfer over to Jerry at home if the Staff has not yet reported to the island).

3.     Within 10 days of acknowledgement of your reservation request, remit your 50% deposit payment to the Club Steward at the address shown on the acknowledgement form.  A reservation confirmation will then be sent to you, in most cases by e-mail.

Bills for stays at the Club

·  The Club Steward will provide a final bill on the day of departure.  All bills are payable upon receipt; members are responsible for charges for all people in their group including other members and their families. (See Reservations Tips – last bullet – for exceptions.)

Cancellation Policy

·  Reservation deposits (50% of estimated charges) are nonrefundable except:

-   For small groups, when cancelled at least 30 days before arrival.

-   For groups occupying 6 or more rooms, when cancelled at least 60 days in advance.

-   For emergencies, upon appeal to and with approval of the board of directors. See other side for more details about the cancellation policy and refund requests.

·  Cancellation fees apply to late arrival or early departure (1 day or more) of people in a group, and to cancellation of people in a group within 30 days before arrival.

Payments – Annual dues/fees, reservation deposits and final bills

·  Payments may be made by check, money order, cash, or major credit card. 

·  There is an ATM at the Stillwater Shop should extra cash be required.

Rates and Fees

Lodging and Meals


Standard daily rate (dinner, lodging, breakfast, lunch)

Additional meals (per person)




Member Adult*





Guest Adult (over 18 yrs)





Child 13-18 yrs





Child 3-12 yrs





Child 0-2 yrs





* Full, associate and honorary members; their spouses and their children age 19-20

Annual Fees

·  Annual Dues:  Full members - $560; associate members - $250; junior members - $0

·  Co-op Fee:  $150 (Applies to full members)

·  Boat house locker: $35; boat storage in Stillwater garage: $250

Other Fees

·  Member’s dog (limit of one): $5.00 per day

·  Guest’s dog (limit of one, member may not bring a dog): $30.00 per day

·  Lean-to: $30.00 per day per person (maximum of 4)

·  Off-season overnight stays:  $60 per day per cabin. Reserve cabins and make payments through Jerry Perfetto at or 315-376-3435; check conditions and make arrangements to pick up keys with Jerry.

·  Full membership application fee: $100 (nonrefundable). 

·  New junior membership: Must be 21 or older and child of a member. Membership application fee is waived. One-time membership fee to age to 28: $750 payable in two annual installments.

Reservations Tips

·  The “one-day reservations window” on the third Saturday in January has made the surge of first-day reservations more manageable.  If you decide to make 1-2 reservation requests on that day (2 max), be sure to have paid all financial obligations to the Club and to provide complete reservation information including at least one alternate date. 

·  An updated Reservation Calendar will be available at as soon as the first- day reservation requests have been processed.  It is the best source of up-to-date cabin/room availability and can be viewed from any computer – private or public – with Internet access.

·  Please only book space you fully intend to use; late cancellations and no-shows reduce opportunities for other members to use the Club and impact the Club financially

·  Members, or their spouses, must make their own reservations, pay their own deposits and be responsible for cancellation fees except:

-   when a member agrees to pay all charges for other members in his/her party

-   groups of members who wish to be at the Club together may appoint one member as coordinator but reservations will be made in each members’ name and each will be responsible for his/her reservation deposit, other charges and cancellation fees.

More About …

… Reservations

·  Reservations will be accepted only after settlement of all financial obligations to the Club.

·  Reservations are not confirmed until the 50% deposit payment is received.  Late deposit payment may result in reservation cancellation if other members request rooms on the same dates.

·  All reservation requests received on or before the third Saturday in January will be treated with equal priority.  Rooms will be assigned so as to maximize use of available space by Club members and their spouses and children. 

·  No reservation requests will be accepted before 12am (midnight) of the third Saturday in January.

·  Reservation requests received on or after 12am Eastern Time, the third Saturday in January, will be processed in the order received (first come – first served).

·  Once confirmed, reservations are firm. However, cabin assignments may be changed to better accommodate others staying at the Club at the same time.

·  Associate members’ reservations have the following additional conditions:

-   Non-prime time:  Reservations may be made within 30 days of arrival.

-   Prime time:  Reservations may be made only as a guest of a full member, and stays will be charged at guest rates.

·  Full members may sponsor unaccompanied guests during non-prime time

… Stays at the Club

·  The Club operates on the American Plan with the daily rate including dinner, overnight lodging, breakfast and lunch.

·  With sufficient advance notice, preferably one full day, the Club staff will provide:

-   a snack for those arriving after dinner (but before 9pm) and a packed lunch for those departing after breakfast.

-   additional meals, at the published rates, for those arriving before lunch or leaving after dinner, or for members and/or their guests visiting the Club during the day.

·  Often during prime time, a party arrives on the same day that another party is departing from the same cabin(s).  In such instances, which can be confirmed by reference to the web site Reservations Calendar or contacting the Club steward, the departing party is expected to be packed and have cleaned the cabin by 12 noon.  The arriving party should not expect to move in until 3pm in order to give the Club staff time to perform housekeeping.  On days when many cabins “turn over”, new arrivals may have to wait a bit longer.

·  Clothing and other items are available for purchase from the Rap-Shaw Outfitters.  See Marie or Jerry for access to the inventory and for information on available styles, sizes and colors.  

·  A telephone for Club member use, located on the back porch of the kitchen, is available 24x7.  Local calls are free.  Long distance calls must be made with appropriate prepaid, telephone calling or credit cards.  Digital AT&T cellular service is available in Stillwater.  For best signal strength on the island, try the dining hall porch or boat house.

·  Wireless Internet access is available and free.  Ask Jerry for the security password.

·  Because of fire risk and insurance issues, the Club no longer sells gasoline and oil to members.  Both are available from the Stillwater Shop with gasoline available 24x7 with a credit card.


·  Personal checks may be used for payment for all Club charges.  Their cost to members and the Club is minimal, and there has not been a returned check in many years.

·  Major credit cards may also be used for payment for all Club charges. 

·  Cash and money orders are accepted but best to avoid sending cash through the mail.

·  Gratuities for the employees vary but 15% of the total lodging and meals bill, including guest charges, is customary.

… Cancellations

·  Your reservation, once the deposit is paid, is a firm contract between you and the Club.  You expect your room(s) to be available when promised and for quality meals to be served to your group.  Similarly, the Club expects you and all members of your group to arrive on schedule, stay for the duration of your reserved time, understand that many leftovers can be reused and are not to be fed to pets, and to respect the rights of other members particularly in respect to things like noise and fire and water safety. 

·  Emergencies are the only valid reason for a member, guest or the Club to cancel a reservation within 30 days of planned arrival.  An emergency is defined as a serious, unexpected and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

-   In the case of the Club, fire or wind damage, extended power outage or sudden unavailability of key employees might cause the Club to be closed for a time during the operating season.  It hasn’t happen in recent memory but it’s always a possibility.

-   In the case of members, their families and guests, sudden onset or discovery of serious illness or a serious personal injury would likely be considered an emergency.  Other situations are tougher to call and they are too numerous to list in a set of rules.  So the board of directors has reserved the right to determine when an emergency exists and when refund of an otherwise nonrefundable reservation deposit is warranted.

-   If you incur a cancellation fee for which you feel a refund should be made on the basis of an emergency at the time, send your request for such consideration to the treasurer, who is principally responsible for reservations and payments, or to any other member of the board.  It will be considered at the next meeting of the board, and then you will be sent a written reply explaining the board’s decision.

Other Information

·  All charges – including dues, fees and deposits – are subject to 8¼% sales tax.

·  Special rates and terms may be available for large groups in non-prime time; contact the treasurer for details and availability.

·  When a member brings one or more guests to the island, only one dog may accompany the member and his/her party.

·  Reservation requests, confirmations and inquiries are best handled by e-mail but telephone is a good second choice.  Postal mail is best used to send check or money order payments for reservation deposits and for annual dues and fees.

·  Check the Club web site ( for the latest reservations status and other news of Club events.

·  The Rap-Shaw Handbook information on dues, fees, rates and reservations policy is out of date and is replaced by this document.  The handbook is expected to be revised soon (Yes, you’ve heard that before.) at which time appropriate sections will be updated and information likely to change year-to-year will be deleted.