Fall Newsletter
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House Report  By Brian M.  The 2013 season saw the completion of the renovated kitchen. Many thanks to Peter P., members and friends, and the staff of Rap-Shaw for the many hours spent on this project. If you didn’t get up to the club this past season, you’ll be impressed when you see the finished product. The staff greatly appreciates the new working area.

The club started replacing mattresses this past season. This project has been on the to-do list for some time and is a multiyear effort due to the sheer number of mattresses and cost. We started at Eagle with all 4 mattresses and box springs replaced. We hope you enjoy more comfort in the new beds.

Another undertaking this past season was to increase the selection of fruits and vegetables as well as meal variety. Mike, Jerry and Marie did a great job seeing that fresh fruits were available with breakfast and lunch and added additional veggies and dinner choices for our enjoyment. As a side note, the club continues to pass the yearly NYS health inspections and our water system has been working to perfection.

Moving forward, the projects for Rap-Shaw will be on a smaller scale. For next year, there will be additional storage for kayaks and canoes created. There will be continued progress on replacing the mattresses for the camps.

Have a Happy Holiday and a warm winter. See you in the spring on the porch of Main Camp with its view of the water and the western Adirondacks!

Membership News  By Pam C.   With every club or organization, members come and go for various reasons, and Rap-Shaw Club is no different. In recent years, the number of members has dwindled. The club has a 65 member limit (due to the capacity of the club facilities), and we are currently holding at 57 full-time members. We need to build our membership base to continue the success of the club. In the coming year, we would like to bring in new families to the island and get back to having a membership waiting list. Those of us who have been part of the club for a few years remember having to wait to become a member, and we all know it is well worth the wait!

For the 2014 season, we will have a moratorium on the initiation fee for new members. By waiving this initiation fee, we hope this incentive will encourage new members to sign up. The non-refundable application fee will still apply, but once a new member is accepted, that fee will be credited to first year dues, and with no initiation fee. This is a significant savings-incentive for a new member to sign up this year.

Where do we get these new families? Rap-Shaw Club members provide the most effective marketing you could ask for – word of mouth. Invite family and friends to join you for an overnight stay or two. Some members have given an overnight stay at Rap-Shaw as a wedding or Christmas gift to nonmembers. It’s just another way to get people to visit and enjoy the uniqueness of the club. Continue to tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers about Rap-Shaw. Share your Rap-Shaw photos and memories, wear your Rap-Shaw apparel, pass along a copy of the newsletter, direct people to our website (www.rapshaw.org) or connect with other members on the new Rap-Shaw Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/rapshawclub). And remember, sponsor a new member and you will receive two free nights at Rap-Shaw. We all know what a gem the Rap-Shaw Club is, so let’s show it off and get new members to join.

Meet a New Member of Rap-Shaw Club

Karl S. became a member in 2013and was recently elected to the Board of Directors. Please meet him here and greet him when you see him at the club.

Karl S. of Elmira was introduced to the club by Sue and Larry L. Karl is attracted to the club by the variety of activities available that match his interests of fishing, kayaking, hiking, biking and reading a good book. He plans to host family reunions at the club with his young nieces and nephews. He is a civil engineer by profession and by purchasing an older house, has experience in rewiring, refinishing hardwood floors, installing sheet rock, plumbing, and painting. That’s why Karl is assistant chairman of the House Committee.

Results of the 13th Annual Black Fly Derby      By Russ H.          Just to bring the reader ‘up-to-speed’ …. Please take note of the number above ! That should bring back memories of what some consider the ‘raves and rantings’ of Dr. Fish. It seems that ‘he’ dubbed this his “ Lucky Number “ and warned of the events that were to take place. Being a ‘gentleman’ of great character, Dr. Fish held true to his word. The number “ 13 “ played a significant part in this year’s derby. Prior to the start of the derby, Dr. Fish was contacted on April 13th by a young fisherman who had fished in last year’s derby, 2012 , and had been beaten by one of his ‘best friends’. It seems that member Nick T., had brought his sons and their friends to the derby to enter the “ Youth Division “ . An un-known, by the name of Owen L. , ( son of Jerry) , walked away with a booty of prizes and trophies and the widest grin on his face after posting a handsome entry of a nice ‘Stillwater Smallie’ . Although there was much revelry among the youths, a certain young contestant sought the aid of Dr. Fish in the ‘finer points ‘ of winning a contest. Well, by April 13th , Dr. Fish was in full swing as to his declarations of using the number 13. After speaking in length to this ‘fine young man’ it simply came down to asking his age …. which turned out to be 7 …. And suggesting that he simply bring 6 of his friends to round out the number of age plus friends [equals] 13 ! ( a guaranteed win ) . Mason T., achieved his goal, and was named ( youth) “ Winner of the 2013 Black Fly Derby “ . To even frost his win, Owen L., best friend and last year’s winner , had to transfer one of his trophies ( a traveling fish facsimile’ ) to Mason who readily accepted it with a larger grin than Owen had the previous year. Mason just couldn’t believe his eyes , what a bunch of prizes …. a stuffed fish, a big trophy, a fishing hat, and …. and ….. 10 fishing lures ! ( oh … that seems to add up to 13 prizes in all ! ) Thanks to member and long time contestant, Tim B., “ Official Hats “ , ( by some standards ) , were awarded to the junior contestants and other adults. These ‘ fedoras ‘ were part of a scheme to eulogize Dr. Fish’s main competitor …Dave M.. It seems that the wording on the hat goes along with the contest’s yearly accusations ! There will be more presentations next year to continue this well deserved ‘showing’ of good faith between the two. Unfortunately, Team ‘ Bomber ‘ M. was missing their mainstay in that “two time winner”, Tony L., a guest of member Charles M., heeded the warnings of Dr. Fish and bowed out of this year’s contest. Along with unfortunate situations, Connie B. , member of Team B. was brooding over the fact that Dave M. would not accept the findings of the Committee , { “…….. that there be a separate ‘Ladies Division’ } so she threw her fish back ‘ in-protest ‘ until he is made aware of the Committee’s sanctions. This author, leaves the ‘ Best to Last ‘ , in that we have not heard how the questionable , “ Team Dr. Fish “ faired in this year’s derby. I think by now you have surmised that Dr. Fish or be that … “ Team Dr. Fish “ again …. “ Sunk the Competition “ ! A familiar face, Rich M., who accompanied Dr. Fish last year , brought his son Jeremy along to replace ailing Tom R.. ( another of Dr. Fish’s team ) who was battling ‘ Spring Flu ‘ and not up to making the trip. Well …. That’s the story that was circulated among those present. The ‘reel truth’ being that Dr. Fish had Jeremy as a student years back when Jeremy was 13 years of age ! ! ! ( oh … oh … there is that # 13 again ! ) Well, Jeremy proved to be quite the fisherman. As the contestants will verify , finding the fish was hard enough … but getting them to bite / ‘ hit ‘ proved more of a challenge. Jeremy didn’t seem to have much of a problem. With his dad and the Famous Dr. Fish in the same boat, Jeremy proved to be quite a gentleman in “ suggesting “ what lure to try and most importantly … what color. When neither of the other two had the correct lure, Jeremy simply opened his box and politely suggested, “ Here, try one of mine. “Early Saturday morning, Jeremy boated a nice 1lb. 15oz. “ Smallie “ , which was to hold up as the winner. Throughout the day both Dr. Fish and his dad boated many a fish ( with Jeremy’s tutelage ) but none quite made the 1# 15 mark. So in conclusion ….. Thanks to Jeremy M., Team Dr. Fish wins again.


Respectively submitted,    Dr. Fish

News from Near Rap-Shaw   By Terry P.    Second Week in November 2013: This fine morning in Stillwater is thirteen degrees above zero and the trees are decorated with two inches of sun-glistened snow – it’s beautiful! It’s quiet here – kinda’ in-between seasons – almost no hunters – no snowmobiles yet – Marian’s wine dinner is over. We’re reducing our resident population; we’ve always known we would never be a city but we’re not holding our own now. Chris and Tom W. have moved to Pennsylvania. Chris will return in the summers to come. Harold and Ann N. have moved to the Pulaski area to be closer to family and doctors. Luke E. (our local Forest Ranger) has moved to the Brantingham area to live – but will still manage this area. That makes a twenty-five percent reduction in our year-round population! We have had a lot of rain this boating season but yet the water is very low–although it is rising as I write due to the recent rain and snow. Our loon nesting suffered because the May and June rains flooded the nests. As far as I know only four chicks survived the summer on the Reservoir this year.

Hummingbird banding continued at the Hotel again. This year, about fifty more birds flew away with new jewelry. The banding process is done by two bird catchers who really know their stuff. In the morning, a crowd gathers on the Hotel deck –mostly children–to watch and photograph this scientific data collecting. Ever hold a live hummer upside down in the palm of your hand with no restraints? Kids love it.

And a few more bits – The O. celebrated forty years ownership of their camp, Oh My Gosh!, this summer. We had a big party. Also both Dan and Mary O. celebrate 80th birthdays this season – another party!

Your Winter Visit  By Dan B.   Internet service will be available during the winter in Eagle, along with the club land line phone for emergency calls. Non-emergency usage of phone is o.k., but please keeps calls short. We do receive free long distance minutes each month which roll over, so usage fees should not be a problem.

Reservations for winter usage can be made by emailing the Steward or calling the Rap-Shaw club number. Calls will be immediately answered when a representative is available; however, voicemail messages are automatically forwarded to the Steward's email account. Someone will always get your message! Enjoy Rap-Shaw in the winter!

Boutique News   By Ann S. and Bea P.   We had another good season for the Rap-Shaw Boutique. The fleece vests and sweat pants sold well, and we restocked an old favorite, the Rap-Shaw cap. Inventory on the short sleeve T-shirts is low. We will restock next spring. A member at the fall meeting has offered to help us out with the boutique next year. We are looking forward to her new ideas on items and colors. Thanks for supporting the Rap-Shaw boutique. We hope everyone has a good winter!

Rap-Shaw Club is on Facebook!   By Pam C.       Are you on Facebook? Rap-Shaw Club is! Go to https://www.facebook.com/rapshawclub and “like” the page. We encourage you to add photos and post information about the club, island and surrounding area. The Rap-Shaw Facebook page will allow members to stay in touch and show off our club to interested friends and recruit new members. The Rap-Shaw Club Facebook page has drawn a lot of interest in recent weeks, so be sure to visit the page, share and connect with others. In addition to the Facebook page, we are in the redesign stage of the club website (www.rapshaw.org). This has been an ongoing project, so we are hoping in the coming year you will see some exciting changes to our website. Any input and help for our website redesign is welcome. Drop an email to Pam C. with your thoughts and ideas.

Kitchen Project 2013   By Peter P.   After several years of discussion about how we should renovate the kitchen, it was time to get it done. The first part was to remodel the North side of the kitchen, which we did in 2012. The board at the 2012 annual meeting gave the go ahead to do the rest at the kitchen in 2013. While getting input from the staff, they said the biggest problem was doing it while the camp was open because they needed to feed people. So we sat down and put a timeline together that would have it done by the time the major weekend of the 2013 work week started. So Bea and I decided to go to the island in February to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We spent the 14th clearing out the shelves and tearing out the cabinets. It was a beautiful 30 degree day and once Bea got going with the hammer, I had trouble keeping pace with my job of carrying out the smashed pieces. The next task was to go back and remove the walls, stairs to the basement and install the new windows. This was done at the end of March, with the help of Matt F. and Tom D. What a campfire we had that night with 2 feet of snow on the ground! Now we had to wait for the ice to go out before we could get back on the island. Plans were made for lots of activity at the end of April, beginning of May. Finally, Jerry called to say the ice was out and the boat was in. Jerry S. (our accountant) and I went to the club. Our cook and steward met us there and had already gotten all the materials on the island for the subfloor. A day later, as we were leaving, Matt and Mike F. were on their way to the Club to install the plumbing, electrics and to jack up the floor from underneath in the basement. The kitchen project was in full gear and Cook Mike was keeping us all fed, using just the grill on the back porch. Jerry was making a daily trip in to town to get whatever parts we needed. By the 5th of May, Mike S., Brad G. and I were laying down the new tile floor. Who said you can’t learn something new? Right behind us was Tim B., Russ H. and the staff hanging drywall. I’ve got to say at this time, that one of the hardest parts about doing a project like this is getting all the materials across the water and in place. Just think about moving all the boxes of tile or the sheets of drywall. At the beginning of work week, Winslow I. showed up to start painting. That included walls, ceiling and the red behind the stove. On May 15th, Mike C. and I showed up to hopefully get the kitchen functioning. On the 16th, a truck showed up with cabinets, freezer and refrigerator. With the help of Frank R. and his equipment, we loaded it all on Thompson’s barge to for the trip to the island. By now the island was filling with people for the work weekend. We did not lack helping hands and strong backs. I could talk about the ¼ inch clearance on the back porch with the new appliances, but that’s another story. By Friday May 17th, we turned the kitchen over to Mike (who was very happy) and spent some time cleaning up the area. In closing I have two thoughts: 1) It was a lot of fun doing this project, because we had so many members and volunteers who helped make it happen! Including our staff, who went way above their job descriptions. 2) If you never been to the club in the off season, put it on your to-do list. It’s beautiful!!