Rap-Shaw Airborne Illness/Sickness Protocol

Member and Guest Responsibilities

It is the members responsibility to make sure their guests are following the established Rap-Shaw rules and regulations including the Airborne Illness Protocol. 

PLEASE, do not come to the island if you have any symptoms of sickness. 

If a member or guest becomes sick while at Rap-Shaw, that person must isolate in their cabin.  The sick person and all members of his or her party must leave the island as soon as possible. The members of the party will not be charged for lodging or food for the remainder of that stay starting the day after they leave Rap-Shaw.

Masks at this time are not mandatory but if you feel more comfortable wearing one, please do so.  Please do not expect other campers to wear masks this is a personal decision.  Please respect other camper’s decisions whether they are wearing a mask or not.

Continue to sanitize or wash your hands frequently throughout your stay at Rap-Shaw.

If you feel uncomfortable coming to Rap-Shaw given the guidelines listed here, please do not come to RapShaw this season.

General Operations

Staff will continue to clean cabin areas as they have in previous seasons.  Measures using Lysol, or similar products will be used to improve the cleaning and sanitization of our cabins.  Cleaning supplies will be available in each cabin for members and guests to use if they desire to sanitize their own cabin area more thoroughly.

Cleaning of Bathrooms, Bath Houses and Linens

Supplies will be provided in every Bathroom and in the Bath House for the members to clean upon entering and exiting of each.  Again, this is a personal choice and up to the camper.

In addition, the staff will continue to thoroughly clean the Bath House once daily.

All sheets, pillowcases, and light blankets will be laundered after every stay. Pillows will be sprayed with Lysol or a comparable product before putting the pillows in the pillow covers and pillowcases.

It is not feasible for the staff to launder the heavy blankets and comforters after each stay due to laundry machine capacity. Therefore, guests should bring their own heavy blanket, sleeping bag, or similar item if they want more than the light blanket when sleeping.

Common Equipment

Cleaning supplies will be available in the boathouse and at various locations around the island for sanitation of the Club’s common use items, Kayaks, SUP, boats, canoes, paddles, oars, camp chairs, tables, shuffle board sticks, horseshoes, etc.  Sanitation for these items will be the member’s responsibly as they see fit. 

Ice Machine – please sanitize your hands prior to using the ice machine.  Hand sanitizer will be available at the ice machine.


These protocols can change if the CDC and/or NYS determines high rates of sickness are present in our State/area.  Campers will be notified if there is a change in public health.