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Prizes will be awarded; some may actually be worth having.

The Traditional Grand Prize: The winner’s name on a plaque in the Dining Hall to be displayed for all to marvel at.

Fish Derby may be right for most people. Ask your doctor if Fish Derby is right for you then invite him to join you at Rap-Shaw! Common side effects of Fish Derby are chills, bug bites, feelings of euphoria, anticipation of excitement, boredom, real excitement,  sunburn or rain-soaking to the skin, and swelling of the club coffers. Some contestants experience episodes of running-off at the mouth, including exaggeration of prowess followed by bouts of sour grapes and eating crow.


  • The contestant must be staying at the Club unless the Club is filled to capacity.

  • No entry fee! (This is a thinly-veiled excuse to have fun while generating more early-season "Paid Camper Days", not necessarily in that order.)

  • The heaviest one fish of any species caught during the contest hours wins!

  • Contest starts at sunrise and ends at 5:00 PM Saturday of "Fish Derby Weekend". (If anyone wants to volunteer to get up at sunrise, they can declare themselves an official”; nobody will be there to contest their appointment. (We’ll be sleeping.)

  • Members and their prospective member invitees are eligible.

  • Any legal method of angling permitted. See New York State Fishing Regs.

  • Worms are as good as the fanciest gadget in Milliman’s 10 tackle boxes.

  • The contestant does not have to be able to identify what they have caught; it just has to be big!

  • Lying will be encouraged only after the contest is over.

  • No explosives allowed. (no matter if they are directed at the fish or your competitors)

  • Local, State and Federal Laws apply.

  • Void where prohibited, but then, aren't we always?

Report From :

The Annual Minnow Dunkers & Worm Swimmers

Black Fly Bass Tournament

           Today, as the sky turns bleak and a few snow flakes fill the air, I sit here reminiscing of the Sixth Annual Black Fly Fishing Derby held back in June.  I can’t help but wonder why more members are not bringing their children, grand-children and young prospective member invitees up to the club for a great weekend of fun.  In the early years of the contest we changed the dates to the weekend after the opening of Bass Season , designated by the state as a , “ Free Fishing Day”.  This allows anyone in New York State to fish ‘ free ‘ without a license on those days.  As far as we know, school has been out for a week or so and most graduations do not conflict with the dates.  Vice Chairman, Charlie Moore has provided some nice gifts to be given to the younger winners, and the likes of Dave Milliman and Dr. Fish have been more than willing to share their ‘ best lures’ and ‘secret fishing holes’ …. ( well some of them …. Others will always be kept as ‘ deep-dark-secrets ‘ ).

           As for the lack of ‘ Adults ‘ or Adult prospective member invitees, I can understand the fear and thoughts of humiliation you must feel in entering a contest that is lop-sided with the wins of Mr. Dave Milliman and Fisherman Emeritus…. Dr. Fish !  Please, let me dispel those fears in saying ; “ We are getting  old , haggard, listless, and ‘ill of health’ !  Dementia and Arthritis have taken over  and left us barely able to get down to the dock. As an old fisherman once lamented, “ ………… our live wells are running dry ! “   As for the Black Flys ….. so over ‘ rumored ‘ to be as big as sparrows and hungrier than alligators …. All it has done is scare a bunch of ‘ City Slickers ‘ from using the Adirondacks in the month of June.  In the last (5) years I have not seen one ( 1 ) “Black Fly” during the weekend of the contest ! 

           With that said ………… for those of you that follow the ran tings of the last 5 contests ……… let me update you on this past year.  The Spring 2006 issue of the “ Rap-Shaw News” reported that “ ….. “Dr. Fish” was ‘returning’ for the 2006 season.  That was a little premature !  When the article was submitted, the Bass Master’s Spring Circuit dates had not been published.  As the date neared for the Rap-Shaw contest, it found Dr. Fish enroot between  “ Lake of the Woods”, Minnesota and “ Lake Cumberland” in Kentucky.  Being the up-standing person that he is, through feverish e-mails and many long distance ( roaming ) calls on his cell phone, he offered to send two of his constituents in his place.  This only infuriated Mr. Milliman and was flatly ‘ refused ‘ by vice-chairman “ Jerry “ !  It was either Dr. Fish or “ NO One ! “   In order to make things worse, Mr. Milliman refused to pick up Dr. Fish at the Fort Drum Airport and Jerry refused to pay the shipping costs on Dr. Fish’s boat that had to be trailered in by special carrier.  Not to be defeated (by pettiness) , Dr. Fish enlisted the help of a dear friend, “ Dynamite Jack “ .  ( * note * … Dynamite Jack has been expelled from all public and private contests for the illicit and illegal use of ‘explosives’ in taking of fish ) .  I leave the reader to only guess …. “ Who won the 6th Annual Black Fly Derby ? “

           What a year, What a Derby !  Jerry had arranged through member Frank Rudolph, ( owner of the Stillwater Shop ) , to host a church service on the island with a special “ Fisherman’s Prayer “ .  This was followed by an ‘outstanding’ breakfast for the members of the church and fishing contestants.  We had two young anglers, Danny and Brian Bollen, entered in the contest with older brother, Danny  taking first prize in the youth division with a nice 14 inch small mouth bass.  Dr. Fish and ‘Dynamite Jack’, claimed to have boated over 35 legal bass before 3:00 P.M. and attributed the ‘ bite ‘ to the church service and powers from above. 

           There are many stories to tell about this particular derby but I’ll save them for the Spring Issue.  There is a proposal on the board that might be of interest to younger contestants.  It has been discussed that we pair up a young contestant, ( with parental permission) , with the likes of Mr. Milliman, ‘Dr. Fish’, ‘Miraculous Moore’  or ‘Dynamite Jack’ for a ½ day of “ tutelage “ in the fine art of winning contests !   ( it has been brought to our attention that we should make this contest …. “ ALL ABOUT

KIDS ! “  I open the door to past participants, members and prospective member invitees such as the ‘ young ladies of the Stoddard Clan’, Molly & Andrew Root, Brenden Cook, Casey & Morgan Davis, Ashley Reichard and the  Bollen brothers, to return to Rapshaw and show the ‘ old ‘ fishing guides how it is suppose to be done …… ‘ youthful style’ !   Let’s make the Seventh Annual Derby one to REMEMBER !

                                                                                    Dr. Fish


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