The Fishing Scene
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                                      The Fishing Scene

           For those of you that follow the ‘ ramblings ‘ of Dr. Fish and his ‘ all-out-effort ‘ to defeat Dave Milliman in the Rap-Shaw Black Fly Tournament, you will have to wait for the Fall issue of the “ Rap-Shaw News “  to find out ………… “ The ‘reel’ truth “ !

           There has been an ‘ugly‘ rumor … generated by { Milliman supporters , our own steward Jerry, and non-believers in Dr. Fish } that there is a ‘ remote ‘ possibility that Dr. Fish and his partner were “ Beaten “ this year by a woman.  This has caused un-due stress on the aging Dr. Fish and is becoming a problem ( fueled by the steward ) while Dr. Fish is trying to rest and rehabilitate at the club after his many tournaments on the East Coast.


           We arrived at the club, on a beautiful day in mid-July .  The winds were out of the West and predicted to stay that way for the next few days.  Conditions couldn’t have been more to a fisherman’s liking.  *note*

                        [ Wind from the West … Fishing Best

                           Wind from the South …..

                                 Blows the bait in the fish’s mouth ]

         At dinner that night ( all were introduced to one-another ) and as always Dr. Fish kept a low profile.  Member, Larry Raymond, had just finished introducing his daughter and her friends when out of the blue ….. his daughter, Shelly, turns to Dr. Fish and challenges him to an evening fishing contest ………….. ending the challenge with the words …” If you’re up to it “   Moments later there is quite a commotion at the other table when member Harry Brace’s wife Denise introduces her grand-daughters and mentions something about , “ ………… the girls would also like a piece of the action ! “  At this point, poor Dr. Fish has been challenged by no less than 7 young girls and one “ Grand-mother “ !  ( This brings back the fishing episode a few years back when the “ Stoddard Clan “ taught Dr. Fish a very humbling lesson . ) 

           Not to bore the reader with lines of “ ramblings “ a short summary is in order.  For some un-known reason …. Fishing was tough to say the least that evening.  Dr. Fish returned to the dock around 9:15 P.M. only to see …. 19 people standing on the Main Dock …. All at once.  What a scare tactic.  There are many stories to tell on what happened next but when the evening darkened, pictures were taken, fish were measured and released, Dr Fish’s ‘awesome’ rock bass looked pretty good !  Until a small voice from the back of the crowd was heard ……………………. “ Dr. Fish ? ? ? ?  would you like to see the fish I caught off the dock ? “  The voice came from 7 year old Megan Watkins (one of the Brace’s  grand-daughters) ……….. ooooops !  Dr. Fish, beaten again by no less than a 7 year old !  While congratulating Megan, ‘grand-ma Denise’, steps up to the plate and offers to show a picture of her “2 pounder“ caught off of Chicken Island .  Needless to say ……….. Dr. Fish returned to his cabin ……….. “ Humbled Again “ !

           Points of interest for the remaining :   Fishing at Rap-Shaw !

                     1.  Fish are deeper now …. 26 feet on the leeward side of

                         the shoals.  ( Chicken Island fishing well )

                     2.  The channel ( 50 yards or so ) 26 feet deep running

                          in front of Canfield Island towards the dam.

                     3.  The East Shore … running from 6 mile road 300 – 400 yds

                           South in 10’ – 12’ of water between 6:30 – 8:00 A.M.

                     4.  Twitchell is fishing very ‘ poorly ‘ this year … not worth the

                         boat trip !

                                               **** Nothing Elaborate !